compost binWe are being encouraged to make compost from veg waste from our plots to reduce the need for bonfires and journeys to the tip and to provide a wonderful soil conditioner.  Some commercial bins can be expensive but the committee is in the process of sourcing pallets and lengths of strong rope, all that is needed to make a simple single or double bin.

compost binFour pallets screwed together to contain leaves for leaf mould

compost binTwin pallet bins, easily constructed by tying pallets together, also giving easy access for barrowing last year's compost onto the plot.

comppat binCommercial 'Dalek' compost bins.  Vegetable waste is fed into the top and extracted from the base.

compost binDIY bin with 3 compartments for compost at various stages of decay with the left hand bin being used currently.

compost binTriple bin made from pallets tied together with rope for easy build and easy access.

compost binCommercial bins with interlocking planks.

compost bin

Double DIY bins.  The finished compost in the left bin was made from waste collected from July to November 2018 in the right bin and forked into the left bin in November. It is now (late April 2019) ready to use as a surface mulch. Winter, spring and early summer waste (November - July) shown on the right (exposed just for the photo) will be transferred to the left bin in July and will be ready to mulch the plot in November.

In another blog post we will look at the delights of being a compost geek.