Help coverThe plot coordinators are here to help if you are having trouble managing your plot or are finding it difficult to provide water storage from sheds, greenhouses and polytunnels, or deciding the best place for your plot number so that it is clearly visible from the main path.

See the list below to find you plot coordinator.  You could email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are unable to contact your coordinator.

Plots  Coordinator  Coordinator's plot  
PL 1-17 Carolyn  PL 73  
PL 18-32A Adrian  PL 25  
PL 33-50A Karen  PL 21  
PL 51-66B Annie  PL 50  
PL 67-82 Fiona  PL 12  
HL 2-55 Dave HL 32  
HL 56-78 Julia HL 72  
HL 79-100 Cheryl HL 70  
HL 101-142 Janet HL 111  
HL 143-165 John HL 250  
HL 166-192 Vicky HL 152  
HL 193-232 Dawn HL 196/7  
HL 233-253 John HL 245