Planting Onion Sets

Onions can be grown from seed but we shall be sowing onion sets which are small, dry onion bulbs grown the previous season but not allowed to mature. Growing onions from seed is my preferred method but sets are much easier.

There is no rush to plant onion sets, late March or early April would do if the weather or ground is too wet.


TheTony's onions growing well in 2020.
Tony's onions growing well in 2020.

Take a look at the video. We are planting in the open ground rather than in holes in fabric and this is shown at 2min 40. Allow about 30cm between your other row crops (eg radish) and the first row of sets.  Leave 60cm if they are next to broad beans as in the photo.

Plant sets 10cm apart so you will need 12 sets for one row and 24 for two rows. Wider spacing within the row will result in larger onions.

As for radish and other plugs I would move the inch or so of surface muck in the row and plant in the soil below; the muck will level out of its own accord.

Cover with fleece when planted. 

There are wooden battens in the shed for use as measuring sticks.

Tony is standing behind his two rows of onion sets a month or two after planting.