Summer Harvests

The National Allotment Association's basic guidance:

  • Only members of your household on your plot
  • Observe “Social Distancing” with each other - 2 metres
  • Do not share tools
  • Do not wash your hands in water troughs
  • Only use your own water tap key.


To enable us to safely open the toilets again permanently on both sites we need to install paper towel and soap dispensers in both toilets and arrange for them to be cleaned and checked daily. To date we have managed to arrange for Hamilton Lane toilets to be open at the weekend only. We understand that this will still limit the amount time people can be on site and we are working towards a solution.

The shops are opening again on both sites but with limited hours.  Hamilton Lane - Wednesday 10.30 - 12.00 and, for on-line orders, some Sundays (check the Shop page) 10.00am. Pound Lane.... Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 11.00 - 12.00.

The EDAA online shop continues to operate from the main shop at Hamilton Lane for all plotholders. Details of how to order can be found on the shop page of this website.

The community gardens and BBQs on both sites can be used but it is advised that you check that the BBQ is not booked out to anyone else via the contact page on the website.


We are relieved to let you know that we have a new committee secretary. Dianne Conduit was unanimously co-opted onto the management committee after expressing an interest in the role.

 Date for your diary: AGM - 20 February 2021

KINGS SEEDS pick up your NSALG seed catalogue from shops on either site to order good value seeds. Potatoes will be sold directly from the Hamilton Lane shop this year.

Deadline for seed orders 1st November and soft fruit 25th October

 After very careful consideration of both the wide range of strongly held views that have been expressed by plotholders and the environmental implications of bonfires the committee has decided to lift the current total ban on fires on site. Bonfires will be allowed from October to February to enable plotholders to burn diseased plant material and woody tree prunings that cannot be composted. There will still be some restrictions and details of the new arrangements and the reasons for the decisions will be published at the end of September.

Improving security remains an ongoing issue for the  Hamilton Lane site and the program of fixing speed bumps on the internal roads will be completed over the winter.

All the taps on Pound Lane will be replaced in the autumn and guttering and water collection from the toilet block roof will be installed.

Our amended rules have now been passed by the Town Council. The allotment rules are a necessary tool for the smooth running of the sites and we ask all plotholders to familiarize themselves with allotment rules and refer them when they are considering any new projects on their plots. There is a new section about protecting wildlife and promoting biodiversity and the expectations about keeping livestock have been clarified. The association takes it's responsibility towards livestock very seriously, and it is important that plotholders wanting to keep chickens, ducks, or bees on their plots seek both permission and guidance before they begin. 

Response to the new expectation of all plotholders collecting water from structures on their plots has been very positive with many potholders happy to have been given that nudge to get organised. Plots will be rechecked in late September and plots not complying will be notified at the beginning of October. Plot holders with metal sheds will be offered help to install their guttering if required. Prepared water butts fitted with a tap and lid costing £10 can be ordered from the online shop or through the site shops.

As allotment sheds require only small amounts of guttering we hope to be able to set up  a central store of "left over"and repurposed guttering on both sites. If anyone has builder friends who can acquire used guttering that would be very useful.

At Pound Lane there is still carpet, wood and asbestos to get off site after the big clear up but we have done the hard bit. Now we are set to tidy up and make plans for enlarging the turning area, make a bit more space for parking, and make areas for woodchip and manure to be delivered for plotholders who have plots away from the road. We are lucky to have a group of people who are willing to lead on getting this done so if you can help please talk to Ken and Adrian.

We need to develop a controlled approach to the use of rat poison and have a volunteer on Hamilton Lane who will be trained to give guidance and monitor the use of rat poison on site. We need a volunteer for this role on the Pound Lane site too. Meanwhile anyone needing to use rat poison should apply via general inquiries on the allotment website.





Waiting for Frogs
Waiting for Frogs


New Wildlife Hedge at PL
New Wildlife Hedge at PL