Crops  Pick regularly to keep them cropping. If plants continue to flower they will produce more fruit. 

Water  Water consistently keeping the soil damp but not saturated and mulch where possible to retain moisture. Inconsistent watering leads to problems like fruit splitting and tomato blossom end rot. If you go on holiday in August you need to ask a friend to water your crops and keep harvesting so that your plants don’t stop growing while you’re away. 

Feeding  Tomatoes, cucumbers and other pot grown plants need regular feeding to replace the nutrients from the soil which have been used up by the growing plant.

Beans When beans get to the top of their supports pinch out the growing point to help keep blackfly at bay and encourage new growth lower down. 

Onions  At the end of the month lift onions and find a dry spot in the warmth of the sun to really dry them ready to store.

Potatoes  As the soil is still dry this month early potatoes can stay in the soil until you want to eat them.

Phacelia green manure sown after second early potatoes will grow up to a metre high. It can be cut down and added to the compost heap, leaving the roots to enrich the soil.

Green Manure  Spaces left by potatoes and beans should be prepared for next year’s crops and not left neglected. You could plant green manure this month. It is a crop grown to be dug back into the soil to release nutrients for subsequent crops. It also helps stop weeds starting to get a hold in the bare plot.