Dahlia Bright Eyes
                                                                 Dahlia seedlings


Like everyone I am sure, my windowsills and green house are full to brim with seedlings that are almost ready to go out when this cold spell stops. What I want to do is share some of the seedlings grown from seeds that I collected at the end of last year. Most seed companies do a germination percentage check to ensure that the seed they have will germinate so I wasn't sure whether mine would.

The first saved seeds that I have sown are from the dahlia 'Bright Eyes'. It is a single flower so accessible to bees and other insects. The normal way to create more dahlias is to take cuttings when they start to sprout but I thought I would try seeds. I have no idea whether they will come true so it is a wait and see job.

If you would like some of these seeds, you can reach me via the saving seeds blog. You will need to log in to see the comments and who has what seed.

It was seedling trays that looked like this that set me off saving seed last year. On the left are Lincoln pea seeds and on the right saved seed from Kelvedon Wonder. I know they are not the same type but it is irritating when they have had the same conditions and you get germination this poor from a seed company.  The few Lincoln I have I will grow and try and save my own seed from them and see if they do better next year. 

Also germinating are Tigerella tomatoes and Green Zebra along with marigolds.

I am still waiting fro my beetroot and leeks to flower and set seed. Neither are showing any inclination to do so in the near future.